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PowerBI - down?

Hi Microsoft. I cant connect to Service Unavailable HTTP error 503

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New Member

Same issue here. Any news?

Regular Visitor

Same here. 
Apparently Microsoft thinks everything is running smoothly? 





Frequent Visitor

same issue here - Netherlands

Advocate III

yes same issue. goes down for a minute, back up for a few mins, then back down again etc. North Europe Tenant

Frequent Visitor

Still down here - Netherlands

Regular Visitor

Same Issue here in Amsterdam

Frequent Visitor

The same problem. It doesn't work 


Helper II

Yep having issues in UK.  Small dataflow has taken 30-40 mins to validate and it's still trying....also dashboards just show full screen without any menus.

Regular Visitor

Same issue Ukraine.

Frequent Visitor

Indeed, it is intermittent, but either reports don't load, or report refresh takes a multiple of normal refresh times. Or report loading takes forever. Definitely not usual/normal behaviour!