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PowerBI Service is Down * All Workspaces * Are Disappear * For all accounts and users

URGENT *** All the access on Workspaces has gone/disappear * * *
to whom it may concern,
I have no longer had access on any workspaces which were created by my account or either identified as admin.
All Workspace APPS are in place but somehow all workspaces are gone from the list.

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Same here! Help!


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We are facing the same issue. 


!!! same here


Same issue. What is happening? This is urgent! 


my colleague also has this issue. Guys, what's going on?


Can someone please give an update here; we have same issue; workspaces are away, no publish possible, basically nothing is working!

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Same problem here


Same problem here! 

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Same. Is there any status update or timeline on when this issue will be fixed? 

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Have the same issue - assumed it was related to the 70+ post thread, but that's seemingly being sorted but still missing one specific workspace. Was getting "failed to load group content" errors on that workspace before it vanished this morning. App is still there though