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PowerBI Publisher Issue on office 365 after update of office

The new update of the office 365 has an issue with power bi publisher, after the last update, i can no longer conect to a data model!!!

This is only on the office 365, people of my comany who works on office 2013 can conect with no problems!

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I can repro the same issue as you. I’ve reported it internally to Power BI Team: CRI 48799786
I’ll post here once I get any update about it.


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Thanks for the help @v-haibl-msft !







I’ve got response from the Product Team.


We are aware of and will be fixed on our next release of the addin. no ETA for now.

The workaround is tricky, please use the "Analyze in excel" from Power BI portal for now.

If the user still wants a workaround from excel please follow the below steps after tries to analyze some dataset.

attached a photo to help with the steps

  1. go to the Insert tab
  2. click pivot table
  3. choose "Use an external data source" and then "Choose connection" button
  4. right click on the connection, it should be "Power BI - <dataset name>"
  5. click "Edit Connection properties"
  6. go to Definition tab
  7. on the start of the connection string there is "MSOLAP.7" please change it to "MSOLAP" (remove the ".7")
  8. click ok => open => ok

 workaround steps.jpg


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Hi - The solution worked for me, but I'd like to understand what the timetable is for the issue to be resolved. An update here would be much appreciated.







I haven't got specific ETA for this issue now.


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Seems to work with the newest update available in the web interface ("Analyze in Excel Updates"). I needed to uninstall old OLE DB.

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More than a  month after my employers keep without access  to their files and i'm handle a suck pressure here because microsoft no just doesn't fix, but don't even give a F### ETA.


I'ts a shame!!!!

I trusted your product, and i have no support after MS **bleep**ed up with this.

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I Created an excel connected to my Power BI report. The problem I have is that for some columns, the numbers in the excel don't match. I have no clue on what is going on.


Any Ideas?

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Hi all,

Is there any information or update that Power BI can get data from excel 365 ? Thank you



Ika Sudiarto