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PowerBI Pro rows limitation


Is it possible somehow to upload more than * million messages to PowerBI Pro? Is it possible to increase to * billions? And build visuals in web report.

Status: New
Community Support

Hi @dzmitry_shulha ,

If you meant the row limitaions of reports in power bi service, please consider:

For all data sources used in the Power BI service, consider the following limitations. There are other limitations that apply to specific features, but the following list applies to the full Power BI service:

  • Dataset size limit - There's a 1-GB limit for datasets stored in Shared capacities in the Power BI service. If you need larger datasets, you can use Power BI Premium.

  • Distinct values in a column - When caching data in a Power BI dataset (sometimes called 'Import' mode), there is a 1,999,999,997 limit on the number of distinct values that can be stored in a column.

  • Row limit - When using DirectQuery, Power BI imposes a limit on the query results that are sent to your underlying data source. If the query sent to the data source returns more than one million rows, you see an error and the query fails. Your underlying data can still contain more than one million rows. You're unlikely to run into this limit as most reports aggregate the data into smaller sets of results.

  • Column limit - The maximum number of columns allowed in a dataset, across all tables in the dataset, is 16,000 columns. This limit applies to the Power BI service and to datasets used in Power BI Desktop. Power BI tracks the number of columns and tables in the dataset in this way, which means the maximum number of columns is 16,000 minus one for each table in the dataset.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li