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PowerBI Online - Report share links incorrect

Share report links are incorrect when creating a new report via duplication of an existing report in PowerBI online. The links for both the previous report and the newly created report share the same link. I believe when you create a new report (whether from scratch or from a duplication of a existing report, where u change a few things like filters/name, to create a new report to save time) the reports should all have their own unique report link when you click the share report button in powerbi online.


In addition, the power automate rule i had setup (powerbi alert triggers an automated email with a link to the report to be sent to users) would send out the wrong link as well to the newer report, not the existing report. 

Status: New
Community Support

hi @Ander 

I have tested on my side, it works well.

For example:


1. This is my basic report and the share link:


2. and then i copy it to the current workspace and the share link:


3. and also I copy the report to another workspace and its share link is:


you could see that the three reports share links are not same.


Please have a check if the links are right in there for both the previous report and the newly created report: