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PowerBI Locale / Currency support using Live Connection to SSAS

While using PowerBI with a live connection to SSAS the PowerBI is displaying currency formats based on the Regional Settings of the machine running the PowerBI Desktop.


Setting machine's region settings like "France (Tunisia)", PowerBI still displaying the predefined currency that regional settings have, which are euro and dollar options. If you try to change the currency to manual entry "TND", the change is not reflected on PowerBI with SSAS but is reflected with Direct Query while not being connected to SSAS.


At first, I thought that it's an Analysis Services problem, but then I did more tests using PowerBI and Excel, so I created a Locale Dimension and a Scope that will change the Locale based on the selected member. Again this works on Excel but not in PowerBI.


Here is the code for the analysis services scope:




SCOPE ( [LocaleTool].[LocaleCode].MEMBERS );
LANGUAGE(This) = int([LocaleTool].[LocaleCode].MEMBERVALUE);






Another interesting thing is that I used a different scope and now the excel is not reflecting the format but PowerBI does




SCOPE ( [LocaleTool].[CurrencyFormat].MEMBERS );
FORMAT_STRING(This) = Str([LocaleTool].[CurrencyFormat].MEMBERVALUE);






Any ideas?

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