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PowerBI Embedded - Tracing Performance Issues


Sometimes loading of the visuals is slow (between 1 and 5 seconds per visual). Other times they are instant,. During the weekends they seem reasonably snappy.

There is no definitive correlation that I have found for the slowness. The same reports, at the same time running from PowerBI desktop are instant, when they are slow on the web.


I have confirmed that the DirectQuery queries to the SQL Azure DB are all running below 25ms. (usually 5 queries per report/visualasations refresh)

I have also confirmed no ad-blocker/proxy type software is intercepting the web requests.


The HTTP Requests that can either be quick or sometimes very slow are currently going to :


Could it be that the PowerBI servers are under load causing my reports to run slowly?  Is there any way to diagnose performance issues with PowerBI Embedded? 

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how to get confirmed that no ad-blocker/proxy type software is intercepting the web requests?