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PowerBI - Embedded Event Handling


I am developing a PowerBI web application, utilizing the provided JavaScript library to create a dynamic user experience. I am attaching events to slicers, filters, buttons and other elements included in our reports to update and display different content on the page.


I have run into an issue with slicers/filters. We are using the "Select all" feature...

Location in Power BI:   Slicer -> Format -> Selection Controls -> Show "Select all" option.

This was an item I was hoping would be considered as a dataSelected or buttonClicked event but unfortunately it does neither of these things. 

I have attempted to attach events to the button, but naturally CORS blocks me from doing so...

Suggested/Requested Solution:

Apply "dataSelected" or "buttonClick" event to the "Select all" feature.


If anyone has any possible solutions to this issue for the time being that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi @James-Schroeder


Please create a support ticket to get help. 


Support Ticket.gif


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Support Request Submitted!


Thanks @v-qiuyu-msft