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PowerBI Desktop login error "Microsoft Office 365 Identity Platform"



I used PowerBI with no problems until appears the advise of Power BI Pro free for just one year from now. I accepted, and now after I refresh the data and try to publish the update, it appears an error that says: "Relying party: Microsoft Office 365 Identity Platform":


Error Microsoft Office 365 Identity Platform - copia.PNG


I have not problems with PowerBI online, it's just with Desktop version. Nothing as changed in the network of my work, tried with other valid credentials but still with this one, and it's drives me crazy by now.

Thank you,




Status: Needs Info



Have you tried to uninstall Power BI Desktop and install the latest June 2017 version of Power BI Desktop?

You can also try to get the PBIX file published in PBI Service instead from PBI Desktop like below.


PowerBI Desktop login error Microsoft Office 365 Identity Platform_1.jpg


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Status changed to: Needs Info