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PowerBI Desktop accessing RESTFul JSON API with Windows Kerberos

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by lj34 New Member on ‎12-13-2018 06:51 AM

Trying to extract data from PowerBI Desktop where the data source is a RESTFul / JSON API. We also use PingFed/PingIdentity which converts the Windows Kerberos Token to an OAuth token for the RESTFul API. Even though we select Windows as the authentication it appears the kerberos authentication token exchange is not occuring.


Has anyone seen this or know how to address?

by Moderator v-qiuyu-msft
on ‎12-14-2018 02:00 AM

Hi @lj34,


Power BI won't convert Windows Kerberos Token to an OAuth token automatically. 


As you already got OAuth token, you can provide this token in Power BI desktop:





Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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