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PowerBI Auto Designate of Facts/Dimensions for Tabular Model



When working with a Tabular AAS live connection in PBI, I've noticed that the organization of the fields is automated based on the presence of attributes in a fact/dim (if there are no attributes and only measures, PBI will designate the table as a Fact).


However, if a Fact table has a single attribute present, it will automatically label it as a Dimension, and I cannot override this command. There should be a way to toggle whether or not a table is a Dimension or a Fact, or have a similar folder structure like Excel, where measures are at the top of the field, and attributes are in a separate folder.

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In Tabular model, if there is only a single attribute in a table, it should be a dimension table. 

Fact tables and dimension tables are related to each other. In a retail model, the fact table for a customer transaction would likely contain a foreign key reference to the item dimension table, where the entry corresponds to a primary key in that table for a record describing the item purchased.


And actually, if we make live connection to Tabular, all labels are "Table" as following screenshot. Do you see any difference between them?


PowerBI Auto Designate of FactsDimensions for Tabular Model_1.jpg


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