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Power bi refreshing issue


Yesterday my Power BI stopped working and refreshing and all my reports dissapeared, I updated my gateway and managed to upload a refreshed version. Now I am getting the below, can anyone help?



Last refresh failed: Wed May 22 2019 14:12:57 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time) 
It looks like the refresh token expired. Please go to this dataset's settings page, and reenter the OAuth2 credentials for the OData data source.

Underlying error message:AADSTS50173: The provided grant has expired due to it being revoked. The user might have changed or reset their password. The grant was issued on '2019-05-14T07:28:48.9510422Z' and the TokensValidFrom date for this user is '2019-05-22T09:40:54.0000000Z'. Trace ID: 16d49688-a3c0-492d-827c-4c7ac8fb4700 Correlation ID: fc1fc494-c595-4970-9036-b9bdb29c24ad Timestamp: 2019-05-22 13:12:56Z Table: Territory.
Activity ID:dc2c914e-ce46-4d7e-8e7f-ab1874fca989
Request ID:8e0d6220-4c91-421d-95dc-63dfd5913f41
Time:2019-05-22 13:12:57Z
Status: New

Hi @MartekABC123


In Power BI service, please go to Dataset Settings and find the dataset, go to Data Source Credentials tab, click on Edit Credentials for the OData data source to reenter the valid credential, then refresh the dataset again. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu