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Power bi Service is slow

Does the speed of Power BI depends on your location ? 


I did not think so but I am experiencing a lot of trouble with Power BI Service since I arrived in Mauritius earlier this week. 


My internet connection is great here (>50MB per sec). I can download a full YT 1080HD video in a few seconds. 


But on the Power BI Service, OMG everything is so slow ! For example, when I click on a workspace, it can take around 20 seconds just to see the elements of the workspace !
I work for many accounts in central europe, western europe and none of my clients are experiencing these issues. I am the only one. And one week ago, when I was in France, I was not experiencing these issues, even if I had a slower internet connection. 


Is it related to my location in Mauritius ? Is the performance of Power BI Service different depending on your location ? 


Thanks for your help !

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Community Support


As far as I’m concerned, the performance of your Power BI service is a bit influenced by the distance from the tenant region of your Power BI service and your actual region. You can find the tenant region of your Power BI service here:




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Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Community Support
Status changed to: Investigating