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Power bi Data set not getting refreshed after power BI data flow is renamed

I am  using DataFlow in powerbi. This dataflow was created (eg TestDW) pointing to on-premise sql server Database. But now I have created new dataflow pointing to azure similar to on premise(eg TestDW_new).


I already have DataModel build on powerBI desktop using this dataflow.


The problem occurred when I renamed this dataflow. I have interchanged the name from TestDW to TestDW_new and TestDW_new to TestDW.


I did this because I do not want to recreate the model from scratch. But now the Data model is getting refreshed without error but latest data in not getting pulled inside the model(Powerbi Destop model) .


I checked in dataflow which is renamed and I can see the latest data.

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Hi @kumarm


Please ensure the dataflow TestDW is refreshed successfully, then click on Refresh button in Power BI desktop. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Hi Qiuyun Yu,


I did that but still it didnot work.


I tried to edit the table using advance editor.Inside this I saw dataflowid.This dataflowid is unique for every dataflow created in powerbi.Though I changed the name of the dataflow but the dataflowId remains same insde the powerbi desktop where I created the model.


I tried to import this dataflow in new powerbi desktop and got the new dataflowid but the name reamians the same for this dataflow.


Now I replace this dataflowid to my powerbi desktop model and it start refreshing the new data inside this model.