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Power Query reports about noncompatible DirectQuery mode for a simple query

When I push a "Apply changes" button Power BI Desktop reports "This query contains transformations that can't be used for DirectQuery".
But my 'dataSource' query contains only decompression of BASE64 data string into Json data and transformation that into table.
That 'dataSource' query is used from extraction data tables by secondary queries.
If I click on any query from those queries I get a message "This step results in a query that is not supported in DirectQuery mode". When I push button "Switch all tables to Import mode" then It does change anything. I cannot get data into Power BI Desktop.
It is link to my problem file. link to a power bi project with that problem.

I used 2.61.5192.601 version.
Regards, Andrey Gritsenko.

Status: Accepted

Hi @AndVGri,


The same issue has been reported internally before: CRI 79697545. 


This is likely happening because the composite models preview feature is turned on.  We are planning to address this before the feature is GA.  Until then, there are two ways to work around the problem:


1. Turn off the composite models feature switch, then recreate the report. 

2. Instead of creating a blank query, create a query using a source that can only be import, such as a CSV file.  Once the CSV query is creating, go to the advanced editor and replace the query with the desired one.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Status changed to: Accepted
Status changed to: Accepted
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Hello, Qiuyun Yu!

Thanks for your advice!



Andrey Gritsenko.