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Power Query Editor Bug: Cannot Enable Load of Query

I have 4 queries in my Power Query editor.

I disabled load for a few of them by right-clicking the query name.


Now I changed my mind and want to turn it back on, but it will not allow me. I try to right-click and choose "Enable Load" from the menu, but then it warns me that disabling it will break my visuals. I am not trying to disable it, I'm trying to re-enable it.


I found a workaround: If I duplicate the query, the new one that appears is also disabled but I can enable that one.


It seems like there is a bug here.

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Community Support

@CmdrKeene ,


I could not reproduce this issue. The power bi desktop version on my side is 2.78.5740.861 64-bit (February 2020). Please make sure power bi desktop is the latest version.



Jimmy Tao

Helper III

I installed the February update before I encountered this. My about box shows version string of 2.78.5740.841 64-bit (February 2020).


It looks like even after a reboot it's still happening. Maybe it's related to the type of data connection it is (it's an Excel file right now but it's really a proof of concept and another one will be made that connects to SQL soon).

But yeah, the query name is in an italic font and if I right-click and choose to enable, it prompts me asking if it should disable it (but it's already disabled, I was the one that disabled it originally).


It's not blocking my work because for now I was able to workaround it, but I'm not sure how it got into this state.



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Have you found a fix for this issue. I'm getting the same problem.

Helper III

Unfortunately not, although it wasn't too terrible to just duplicate the query and enable the new one/delete the old one.

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Hi,  I also had the same problem with version 2.78.5740.981 64-bit (February 2020). Duplicating the query, enabling the new one and deleting the old one as CmdrKeene suggested solved the issue.


Also I am not sure how I got into that state, and I have been trying but unfortunately can`t reproduce the issue.

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I have 2.78.5740.861 64-bit (February 2020), and it's just done exactly the same to me as you describe.  I turned off Enable Load on a query and now I cannot turn it back on again.


Thanks for the tip on referencing - that has worked for me.