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Power KPI Matrix Visual Issues

Hi Team,


I am unable to get the "KPI Status" and "Comparison Value" fields to work in the Power KPI Matrix Visual even with the same data in the sample file for the visual.

I checked all the options and tried to replicate the visual exactly as it is in the sample and it stil does not work.


Am I doing something wrong or is th visual no good. I can share the file if needed.



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I am having the same issue but in my case it works for a Row-Based data set but not for a Column-Based data set. "KPI Status" and "Comparison Value" do not show. I have found this issue since last week. Surely others are having the problem as well.

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Hi all,


I downloaded the sample file here and open in the Power BI desktop latest version 2.53.4954.621 64-bit (December 2017), the KPI Matrix visual displays fine. 


I noticed the KPI Matrix visual has new version release on 12/29/2017, please use the latest KPI Matrix visual and desktop version as well. 


If issue persists, please share the pbix file which can reproduce the issue with us. Thanks. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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I already have the latest version of Power BI desktop and I just installed the latest version of Power KPI Matrix and the problem for Column-Based data is not resolved. Before spending time and creating a production visual with column based data I created this very simple file to show that KPI Status and I have Comparison value are not showing up in the Power KPI Matrix. View the screen shots.


Column-Base (1).PNGColumn-Base (2).PNG

I experimented with the sample column-base shown in PwerKPIMatrix.1.0.1.pbix and found that if I added a new measure to that visual the new measure only would not show KPI Status and Comparison Value and I also found that if I exported the data from that visual and created a new visual for column based data with it the new visual does not show KPI Status and Comparison Value. 


Any help to understand what the issue may be is appreciated.





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I have a similar problem.

I'm using an SSAS Tabular data source where I have created a new KPI index measure to provide KPI values of 1, 2 & 3.

This works fine in the Power KPI visual but the same data leaves KPI Status and Comparison values blank in the Power KPI Matrix.

I have updated my Power BI Desktop to the December release and downloaded both Visuals yesterday.

Can anyone shed any light on the problem?


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This appears to be a growing problem with those who are actually trying to use the Power KPI Matrix with a column based data set but yet there is no response in the community regarding this issue. I am trying to use this visual for state government scorecard measures and the lack of support from Power BI and this community is leading me to believe I should be looking at a different product than Power BI. Surely one of the talented members of this community blog should have been able to give kind advice, at least whether they think this is a set up problem on our part or there is a real software bug on the Power KPI Matrix visual tool for column-based data. Clearly everyone is saying the same thing, KPI Status and Comparison Values are missing from the visual. I believe this deserves some attention or more users will walk away from the product.

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I have NO issues ( using the "PowerKPIMatrixEB" 😞




GCL - row-based example.PNG


Column-based :


GCL - column-based example.PNG


Even the "PowerKPIMatrix." pbix-file is working fine;

No issues by changing from Row- to Column-based and vice versa.


Define your "KPI Goal" field in the "Comparison Value";

define your "KPI Status" field in the "KPI Indicator Index";

define your "KPI value" field in the "KPI Indicator Value".









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Thank you for your reply. Now I can see where the confusion is. You have a Row-Based "Data Set". With a Row-Based "Data Set" you can visualize in both both Row Base or Column Base by switching it in your tool. I agree there is no problem with that method. The problem is using a Column-Based "Data Set". This is where your measure values, comparison target, and KPI Index are in columns, not rows. For this type of data set the Power KPI Matrix does not work.


The PowerKPIMatrix.1.0.1.pbix file has an example for Column-Based "Data Set". It works only for that data set. If you add to that visual the added measures do not work and if you export that data and use in another Column-Based Data Set visual it does not work.


There is a problem with the Power KPI Matrix Column-Based Data Set visual. KPI Status and Comparison Value do not show in the visual.



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Hi @Manny@Staeven


Would you please share a pbix file with some dummy data which can reproduce the issue with us? Thanks. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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I apoligize that i do not know how to share my pblix file without showing my entire workspace so I am showing you the simple visual I created to test out the Power KPI Matrix with a column-based data set and the data imported from an excel file. If you need the actual pblix file then I need to know how to provide a url without exposing my entire workspace.


Excel Sample Column-Based Data Set.PNGPower_KPI_Matrix_Column-Based_Data_Set.PNG