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Power Bi Service - Scheduled Refresh Failed On Datasource MySQL

Dear Supportive Power BI Users & Admin ,


My Scheduled Refresh failed and error message as shown below occur. Can Somebody help me? 


I have no problem refreshing in desktop. Data gateway is running well too.



Something went wrong
There was an error when processing the data in the dataset.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Data source error: {"error":{"code":"DM_GWPipeline_Gateway_MashupDataAccessError","pbi.error":{"code":"DM_GWPipeline_Gateway_MashupDataAccessError","parameters":{},"details":[{"code":"DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingErrorCode","detail":{"type":1,"value":"-2147467259"}},{"code":"DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingErrorMessage","detail":{"type":1,"value":"MySQL: Fatal error encountered during data read."}},{"code":"DM_ErrorDetailNameCode_UnderlyingHResult","detail":{"type":1,"value":"-2147467259"}},{"code":"Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.DataSourceKind","detail":{"type":1,"value":"MySql"}},{"code":"Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.DataSourcePath","detail":{"type":1,"value":";loket_pos"}},{"code":"Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.ErrorCode","detail":{"type":1,"value":"-2147467259"}},{"code":"Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.Message","detail":{"type":1,"value":"Fatal error encountered during data read."}},{"code":"Microsoft.Data.Mashup.ValueError.Reason","detail":{"type":1,"value":"DataSource.Error"}}],"exceptionCulprit":1}}}
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: f3220264-42f9-42b0-ad67-fbca6e603ae5
Request ID: 04f58be4-e9f0-47b7-b711-a484436e6784
Time: 2020-09-22 08:35:56Z

Status: New
Community Support

@kevinkangdinata ,


Please check if the credentials are all vaild and necessary ports have been enabled for mysql server on your machine. Also make sure data gateway has been updated to the latest version. In addtion, if this issue still persists, please provide more details.



Jimmy Tao

New Member

Hi Jimmy,


Could query timeout issue causes this problem and this error message? If im not mistaken the mysql setting has query timeout of 10 minutes. 


In the desktop I disable the enable parallel loading of tables option. So it query one by one, but in the service I dont think it is able to do that, so the query may take longer.


Thank you