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Power Bi Desktop App not working - Stuck on Initializing Model

Trying to open my PBIX files and the desktop application. nothing open up. It just gets stuck. i have even downloaded the App again. below is the Pic of the error.


BI issue.PNG

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@kimaniThanks Kimani. I did not attempt the command prompt workaround, but creating the exclusion for msmdsrv.exe worked.


+1 Confirmed command prompt workaround unblocks me.  Thanks!

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Thanks a ton - it worked Smiley Happy

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This doesn't work for me.  When I run the command from a command prompt, it comes back with "Reset not needed. Already running inbox binaries."


I'd love to have the two days back that I've been trying to get this to work...I could have written a lot of reports in that time...