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Power BI services ( are down



We are experiencing issues with It fails to load sometimes (and all other times, it tries to load just partially but never been able to gain access to full service/report) and denying our users from using them.


The support page doesn't indicate any outages here:


Can someone please take a look into this?




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Same here! Since a few days.

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We are experiencing the same issure. Some users are not able to load report pages, some users are ble to load report pages but interactions do not work, some users are working fine. 

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Same here since this morning.

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In Brazil we also have slowness.

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As of last week the PowerBI tile that is embedded in our PowerApps is not showing any of our charts and reports. I have tried to reconnect our PowerBi source in the PowerApps and that did not change anything. Any reason why this is happening?




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Today (2020-01-23) issue still exists with reports in Import Mode deployed to North Europe Premium Capacity. Users cannot open reports- on the screen they see "loading" and nothing else.

Same problem with refreshing and publishing reports into North Europe Premium Capacity.

Any update regarding this?

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Same issue here.  Issue began 2020-23-01. Any updates?

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same situation happen here, we can find the Acumatica services!!!

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