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Power BI service performance issue

We as an organization are using Power BI for several reports and dashboards and have 70+ Pro licenses.

We have noticed that the performance on the service has been very bad sporadically and specially today.

For eg. reports are taking long times to load, filters on reports are not working - all widgets keep loading, also getting errors sometimes.


We need help from Power BI support , but not sure about this escalation channel.

Please help asap.

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I have to add my 193 (and counting) users to that. 

Our company is trying to adopt PowerBI and we went live 2 weeks ago with a series of reports for these 190+ users.


Unfortunately performance is extremely bad, especially today (even now). 

No difference in region (US, APAC, EU) or device (mobile, desktop)


see also:


Do you see this too?

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We use Power BI and the issue is more so related to the version. I am having problems connecting to SQL Azure databases.  I am able to connect to datbases on a different server but Azure and for testing I tried connecting Azure using Remote Desktop app I was able to..Ideas, suggestions appreciated.


Hi all, 


Currently, there is some issue in cluster WABI-US-NORTH-CENTRAL. Please test again on your Power BI service.


If the issue persists, would you please share your Power BI cluster location? 






Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Your data is stored inNorth Europe (Ireland)
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I am noticing slower performance than usual on Southeast Asia (Singapore). It isnt unusuable but it is not the quality that I have had before and I have been getting complaints.

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My Power BI service is hosted in North Central US (Illinois). I am seeing performance issues a lot lately and not sure how to reach out to MS Support for this. Is there a direct support hotline/email for this ? or do I go through our IT folks ?

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Adding to my previous issue..


I upgraded to  latest version and tried switching back to Dec 2017 version(as there are issues with embedding in newer version). When I switch back to Dec 2017 Version I am unable to connect to the data from Azure where as in newer version I can.


Solutions already tried : .Net Framework latest version

uninstalled newer version and installed only Dec 2017 version



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Hi Guys, 


I am facing the same issue with powerBI Service. The viuals and filters are talking way long to load than before. 

My  data is stored inNorth Europe (Ireland)


Is anyone else facing similar kind of issue or any Ideas, suggestions  are really appreciated.


Thanks in Advance.

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Has there been any update on this.


The issue for my organization presists only at a certain time of the day and unfortunately as we have recently rolled out this system, this issue will surely discourage the use of this platform


Any update would be greatly appreciated. Data is stored in North Central US (Illinois)

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Same problem here in France.
From time to time the Power BI Service is extremly slow and I cannot see my dashboard.


It's a real problem, especially when we had a meeting with our service director ... Thank you for the "Demo effect" ...
We had to show the Report directly from the Desktop application and were not able to show the Dashboard ...


Thanks for the update on this issue.