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Power BI service not updating the dataset from oneDrive.



I have connected an excel file which is saved in OneDrive personal to power BI and have created reports.

I just tried the one drive refresh button to update the data in the excel but it doesnt seem to work and then when I tried the manual refresh button, it wasnt updated.

Finally I deleted all the dataset in my workspace and uploaded the same dataset again and still the updated changes were not there.

I also made a local copy of the updated dataset in my system and tried to connect and still the data was not updated.


But when I just tried to access the same dataset through my mobile phone from the Onedrive I could see that the data is updated properly. Please help me out to fix the issue and let me know what's wrong with my flow.

Status: New

Hi @rbalakr4 ,


Please go to Dataset Settings -> Refresh History, check if there is a record in Scheduled or Onedrive tab and if the refresh is successfully or not. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu