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Power BI scheduled refresh failure for QuickBooks Online

Hi Microsoft BI team,


My company has utilized the QuickBooks Online connector for supporting Financial BI for clients using QBO. The connector works well until recently. All the scheduled refresh are failed and it seems llike the problem is that it doesn't recognize the credentials was put in before. Please review the issue:








Our team has tried and test for a while but this issue keep happening everyday and now it seems like the scheduled refresh become manually refresh. We also try with different types:

  1. Using QBO connector from PowreBI Desktop  -> fail to schedule refresh
    • Old methods with Source  = QuickBooks.Tables()
    • New methods with Source = QuickBooksOnline.Tables(null)
  2. Using QBO service app on PowerBI service -> fail to schedule refresh

Please advice if this is something you need to fix with the connector. I have tried to clear cache, publish report again even try to create everything new from scratch, this issue still happen.


This is very critical to our business and impact lots of our customer. We need help right away. Please advice if there's any technical support call number. Thanks.






Status: New

Hi @ducnguyen221


Please create a support ticket to get help. 


Support Ticket.gif



Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu