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Power BI report Visuals not working online (unable to obtain list of items)

When I am publishing my report it looks great and everything works perfectly from the App on iPhone or iPad, but if any of my users try to get to the data online from Chrome or Enternet Explorer the visuals stop working and they get the error "unable to obtain list of items" 


Only a small group of users look at our data on the phone, everyone else uses the web so this is very odd for it to work in one place and not the other. I also have no issues at all when using Power BI Desktop. I have attempted to reupload under different name, Refresh the data, and get into the data from multiple browsers. I am truely at a loss for what is going on as it has not happened in any of my other dashboard.   



Http Status Code: 0
Activity ID: b595f0aa-2c8b-4012-b60d-a1d8514f3af4
Correlation ID: d7c6a2e7-5268-be0c-a85c-0d374dd36a2c
Request ID: 89924edd-fbb6-a417-e266-61417ffce91c
Time: Tue Nov 17 2020 17:40:45 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
Service version: 13.0.14742.69
Client version: 2011.2.03746-train
Cluster URI:

Status: New
Community Support

hi   @HZ-Reporter 

I have tested on my side, all my reports work well.

You said it has not happened in any of my other dashboard.

could you please share this sample pbix file for us have a test?