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Power BI online, streaming data, line chart displaying weird graph



I'm trying to implement a line chart from a streaming data set that comes from Azure Stream Analytics (which gets its data from an IoT Hub). I therefore use the "Add tile" button on a Dashboard:








Unfortunately the chart thats created looks weird:

















The x-axis is from "timecreated" wich is in "DateTime" format. The y-axis consists of "value" which is in "Number" format.

Here is an example of the data that Stream Analytics sends out to Power BI:






The data format in Power BI looks like this:

























I'm able to create a line chart the "conventional" way via "create report":








But this way my chart does not get autorefreshed.


My question: how do I get the 'streaming data' 'line chart' to draw a proper chart?


As I'm already on it I have another question: Is it possible to stop the y-axis of a streaming data chart from resizing?

As soon as it gets data that is in a different scope from the data that's currently displayed, it resizes. I would like to fix the "Start" and "End" (e.g. display from 0 to 35), which is possible in the "conventional" PowerBI graphs.


I have an important presentation coming up and your help woud be greatly appreciated!

Status: Delivered



For your first question, have you tried it in different browsers? I cannot repro the same issue as you. I suggest you to create a support ticket at (see bottom of page).


For your another question, I don’t think it is possible now. There is no such option for us to customize the streaming line chart in PBI Service.


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Status changed to: Delivered