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Power BI export tp powerpoint



I ahve been using the export to powerpoint function with great success over the last few weeks. Howerver today when I exported my report to powerpoint, all of the charts appeared as one image on the chart, rather than each chart appearing as a seperate image.


Is there a fix to get this back to the old way where you can have each chart appear as a seperate image?


Many thanks.

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Community Support Team

Hi @zblm,


It works fine in my test. Could you please provide more details?

1. What did it go wrong? the pages or the visuals (charts) ?

2. What are the charts exactly?

3. How can I reproduce?



Best Regards,


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Hi Dale,


Thanks for the reponse.

The issue is with the visuals. the pages are working fine. I'm not geeting any error messages when I export.


Most of the charts are bar charts, with a few pie charts also. PBI issue.JPG


In the screenshot above the black area is the sPowerpoint slide. The Power BI content is one single image rather than seperate images. It is doing this for all of pages of the PBI content.


Not sure how you can reproduce. I was just following the steps as outllined on the PBI community.


Hope this information helps. Let me know if you need more.

Community Support Team

Hi @zblm,


That's a little change recently. Please refer to service-publish-to-powerpoint.

>>>Each page in the Power BI report becomes an individual slide in PowerPoint


Best Regards,