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Power BI desktop freezes after update Power BI dataset

I develop reports with a live connection to Power BI datasets in the service. These datasets themselves have a live connection to a local SSAS database (using the gateway) or have their own imported data (depending on for which customer I'm developing). 


When I deploy new measures / structure changes to my SSAS model and refresh the report (to see the new measures) I'm working on often Power BI Desktop freezes after which I have to force close PBI desktop and restart. Hooray for Auto recovery but still it is not great. This also happens when I deploy a new version of an imported dataset. 


This doesn't always happen though, it seems like it is more likely to happen if the report in Power BI Desktop has been running for a while in the background. When I just started PBI desktop to work on the report I can refresh without it freezing, even if I have made changes to the local SSAS model. 

Status: New
Community Support


Couldn't reproduce this problem, I would suggest you create a support ticket to get further help from power bi support team.