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Power BI dataflows endorsements (preview) feedback

I was testing out dataflow endorsements and found these issues:

  • Unfortunately dataflows only show up when you open the workspace folder in Desktop, however they should show up at the highest level of the workspace list (otherwhise the purpose of endorsement is useless in my opinion):

dataflow endorsement 1.pngdataflow endorsement 2.png

  • The endorsements only shows up if you choose Power BI dataflows, not in Power Platform dataflows in PBI Desktop. What's the difference between those? I do see the same dataflows show up, just without endorsements.

dataflow endorsement Power Platform.png

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Endorsement is set on the dataflow, not the Workspace.  You can have dataflows with mixed endorsement in the Workspace.

A great use case for this is several staging or enrichment dataflows, combined in a consumption dataflow for your don't want to have users wonder which "Sales" dataflow to use--they just look for which one is endorsed.

How I manage staging/enrichment/consumption dataflows now is in seperate Workspaces, using unnecessary Linked Entities which is cumbersome to maintain.

I'm guessing endorsement is only supported for Power BI dataflows and not Power Platform dataflows.

Community Support

Hi @nickyvv


1. For your feature request, you can submit an idea here:


2. Power BI Dataflows connector is to connect to dataflows created on Power BI service side only. While Power Platform Dataflows Connector can be used for connecting to both Power BI dataflows which don't use endorsement feature, and dataflows created in Power Apps. See:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu