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Power BI and Xero Issues


I have an issue with Power BI and Xero. I have asked Xero for Support but their response was to contact you for assistance.


See below email chain with Xero. 



Thanks for providing the link. It looks like the issue is on Power BI's end and you'll need to contact them for more information regarding this as the integration between Xero and Power BI has been designed by them.

I've included a link to their support page below.

Microsoft Power BI: Support

Kind regards



Asking questions from within Xero is quick and easy! Next time you want to ask a question, visit and you can ask a question from within your organisation!



Having some trouble with Xero and Power BI (see below).


I have done further searching in regards to this and found this article on Power BI Community.


Could you let me know what needs to be done to correct this?



I have been playing around with Power BI and Xero connection.  I noticed there is an odd thing in the Monthly Profit and Loss graph.



The dates are not being sorted in chronological order.  It seems to be sorting the month first than financial year.  So April FY2018 is April 2018 and Dec FY2018 is Dec 2017.


It seems I cannot change this, and have a feeling that somehow Power BI is thinking the financial year is Jan-Dec, but in Xero (AU) the financial year is Jul-Jun and it seems the system is not picking up the conversion properly.


Do you know where I can get assistance with this?


Cannot really use Power BI if I cannot resolve this issue as it really distorts the graphs.



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Hi @GNS,


I have sent a email to consult if there is any plan to update Xero content pack currently. Will update here once I get any information. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Is there any update on this issue? I am in Australia also, and have found the same problem.



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Im having this issue also, and the content pack only allows about 1.5years of profit loss history which isnt sufficient to make any real analysis of business performance.


I have tried downloading the PBIT file and editing the queries, but the queries wont apply from Power BI desktop as it cant see the Xero content pack datasoure.

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Hi @GNS the Power BI integration provided by Xero is a closed app that can't be edited in Power BI Desktop. For more advanced requirements like consolidation of multiple companies, integrating different data sources, definining your own reports and support for write back and budgeting I recommend to look at