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Power BI - Unable to execute a stored procedure or SQL Statement with SQL Server with backslash

Hi Team,


Greetings !!


I’m facing an issue while connecting Power BI with SQL Server as source. When I tried to execute a stored procedure / SQL Statement, Power BI took me to the page of authentication. Though I tried with Windows  / Database credentials, Unable to establish SQL Server connection. I found  that Power BI is not able to handle the server name with “\”. (eg., SQL-Dev\SQL123).

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When I faced this issue a couple of years ago, I found that PowerBI is unable to run stored procedures at all. This is why I use workaround: PowerApps with the only button to run the procedure.

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Hi @bisiva369


Please connect to the same SQL Server instance without any T-SQL query or stored procedure written, then specify a valid credential, check if the same issue occurs. 


If there is a SQL Server Management Studio tool on the same machine, please try with the same connection string to see if it's able to connect to this instance successfully. 


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Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi Qiuyun Yu,


thanks for reply. I'm able to connect without stored procedure or Query. I'm able to get list of tables. but if I pass Query, I'm unable to connect.




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thanks Alexi !! PowerApps works...