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Power BI Template Files (PBIT) Saving Larger Than Necessary

I think this is a bug. It seems BPI Desktop is not saving PBIT files correctly under certain circumstances.


When I open a PBIX file and do nothing in the file, then save it as a template file, it will save as 3 MB file. However, if i were to save the file as a PBIX file first, then save it as a template file it will be significantly smaller, i.e. 9 KB.

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@Cubiculum ,


I have test on my side but couldn't reproduce this issue. The two pbit file is same size. The first file is saved before the pbix file has been saved, the second file is saved after the pbix file has been saved. Both file are empty file as you mentioned.


Please make sure power bi desktop has been updated to the latest version and check if this issue persists.



Jimmy Tao

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Hey @v-yuta-msft 


I've noticed this over various recent versions, including the current one. (Yes, I have checked I'm using the current one from the Microsoft store.)


You also have the order incorrect.


In my simple test, I did the following:


  • Created a PBIX file with a single table in it. This is saved and closed. PBI desktop is not open any longer.
  • Opened the file that was just saved from windows explorer.
  • Saved the opened PBIX file as a PBIT file.


The resultant PBIT file is always about 3MB. However, if I do this I get a PBIT with the expected file size:


  • Create a new PBIX file with a single table in it. Save and close the file. The PBI desktop is no longer open.
  • Open the PBIX file that was saved from windows explorer.
  • Save the open PBIX as another PBIX file, say a version 2 file. This is without making any changes.
  • Then save the open PBIX file as a PBIT file.


The resultant PBIT file looks like the correct size it should be. In my case about 9 KB.

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je confirme ce process, j'avais remarqué que l'export en modele avait une taille à environ 3mo, quelquesoit la taille du pbix source; toutefois, si l'on fait une utilisation de ce modèle pour produire un nouveau document, ce dernier a une taille correcte.

Ma version est assez récente (Version : 2.79.5768.721 64-bit (mars 2020)), j'imagine une correction à venir.

merci pour votre partage

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The issue is that Power BI templates now include all of the base themes (which is completely unnecessary), one of which is over 3MB.  See (and vote) for the idea here:

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@tbowman I'll vote for that.


@v-yuta-msft Though there is still a bug as I'm able to create PBIT files that either include or exclude the themes depending on how I do this. It should be the same in all situations - excluding default themes!