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Power BI Subscription is coming blank as Visuals are taking few seconds (15-30 Seconds) to load data

Hi All,

I have a Power BI Report (Direct Query Mode) and it has 6 Pages. I have setup a subscription of page 2nd and I know it takes few seconds (15-30 Seconds) to load data into visuals in this page. 


I have scubription schedule at 8.30 AM everyday and When I receive email, there is no data. Seems like visuals were still loading and before it completes, email was sent.



Are other people facing similar issue..?

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Community Support

@ShivendooKumar ,


Should be a delay in 30min. If this issue persists, make sure there's no custom visuals, streaming tiles, video tiles, custom web content tiles in your report and also ensure that the address is on your safe sender list and isn't blocked by your e-mail provider.



Jimmy Tao

Post Patron

Just to let you know that there is no custome visuals used in my report. The visuals, I have used in report, are Bar charts. 


There is no problem with email ID as I have attached screenshot of my eamil. We are receiving emails but those 2 visuals in report are blank. When I open or refresh the report I see it takes 10-15 seconds to load data to those 2 Visuals. 


Hope its clear to you now.