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Power BI Service is down

Right now the PBI Service is not visitable.. It's in our normal business hours, and we'd need to access to all the reports in the PBI Service.

Could you please fix it ?

Thank you!

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Helper III

Same here, US - WEST

Helper III

Same here in California.  Need to access data for month end reporting and analysis.

Please let us know an ETA on when this will be back up.



Regular Visitor

Same here in Detroit.  Please let us know when we can expect the service to be back up and running.


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Same in NM, no service

New Member

Same here, US - West


Opening the page with browser dev tools and the console is displaying 500 and 400 errors from

Screenshot 2020-12-02 114358.png



Helper III

Mine just came back.

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Having issues in Utah

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Having issues in MN

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Issues in CA 😕

Helper III

I'm able to access Power BI online but it's very slow loading and some of the visuals (mainly cards) are not loading at all.