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Power BI Service failing to log in

 I cant log in to the power bi service, the web page just errors.


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Me too! It's almost 5 hours that i have issues with the loading of the log in page, but now it seems not to work in anyway. I tried different browser but no one works.

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Same here, I'm getting ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT just trying to access and when I do get to the login screen, I cannot get past that, it just spins and eventually times out.  

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same here !


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We have had the same issue. Once users are able to log in the reports are not loading and/or are not working properly. 

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Same situation here since this morning. Microsoft have said something about it?

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same issue here. I raised a ticket with Microsoft and got a quick reply saying it was fixed; except we are still getting the same error message...

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Only I got is this answer. Now it seems to work very slow, even if time to time it sign me out while editing the report visualization.



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Not able to fetch data from Azure DevOps(Beta) on Power BI Desktop -Credentials Authentication error on organizational account

I have necessary Power BI-Pro License.

>> Power BI desktop (Latest version Oct 2019 msi installer as suggested) > Get Data -> Online source ( Azure DevOps(Beta)

>> Sign In with organizational Account --> Sign In Success 

>> Press Connect - 

ERROR POPOUP : "We couldn't authenticate with credentials provided.Pls try again" 

Country : India
Region : Asia
Tarang Jain

Hi all, 


For the issue log in Power BI service, please test again. For the issue open reports, please check if it's the same as this known issue listed in Support site. 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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This is happening for me currently in Chrome for


Something went wrong.
Please try again later.
An unknown error occurred. If you continue to see this error, please provide the following information when requesting support.
Date and Time: 2020-02-05 17:39:58Z
ActivityId: 829cd3d4-bb81-4bd3-b403-171dd79b1f9e
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