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Power BI Service data refresh error

Hi all,


Not sure it is just me or everyone else but i run into the following error message since last Saturday. 


I used a custom connector + on-premises gateway and the data refresh works just fine (scheduled + manual). The connector has been tested and works on desktop version and the on-premises gateway is working fine.


The issue seems to go away after I republish the report but it comes back after a few hours time.


Both the Desktop and gateway have been updated to the latest version.





Processing error:An unexpected error occurred (file 'tmdatasourceregistry.cpp', line 847, function 'TMDataSourceRegistry::ApplyDeferredStaticAnalysis').
Activity ID:087a69a5-04e1-4e26-8433-88de6c78a0e7
Request ID:b34c13b0-93d3-41f2-be74-d634536e9b8b
Status: New
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I have been facing a similar issue for a while now. My data source is Google BigQuery and schedule data refreshes are failing every day for the past one month. I have also updated my Desktop power bi version to June 2021 update where they mentioned that Google BigQuery connector has been updated but it's not helping. I am doing a local refresh for the time being


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They mentioned that there is a fix in July 2021 update. I have updated my Power BI Desktop version but still the issue persists. Not sure what to do from my end to fix it. 

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Yes it has. The PBI service refresh is now back to normal (at least from my end) 

 @vivekkompalli , I didn't use Google BigQuery so I can't replicate the issue that you have. Maybe you can raise a support ticket to the team?

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The issue appears to be fixed on my end as well!

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@Doneau I really hope it's fixed wrt bigquery as well but i'm still getting the error emails every day. Not sure how to check whether it's fixed or not. I cannot see any other posts on this on the community either. 

@andischmid Go to know that. 🙂