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Power BI Service connection: change from workspace a to b



Recently I'm using the unified data model best practise to build reports.

So this is what I'm doing:

1. Build the data model and deploy it workspace A

2. Build the reports and let them connect to the dataset that resides in workspace A (the scope of the single model use is the same workspace anyway).


An issue that I now encounter is when a colleague sends me over his model + report that was created in a different tenant or workspace that I dont have access to.

I can open the model and deploy it without problems.

But what happens if I open the report is that Power BI asks me to either retry, edit (makes sense because I deployed the model to another workspace) or cancel. If i press Edit, it comes back with an Instance of an Object not set to ..... Basically I can't edit the connection.


So I found out, you're only able to change connections if you had/have access to the workspace the data model is previously deployed to.


Is this by design or any workaround for this issue?

Basically it forces us to work in the same tenant and grant access to all the people you are collaborating with.

Should I now hack this Connection file?

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Hi @m2dekker,


I have submitted this issue to the Product Team: CRI 51999183. I will post updated news in time. The workaround could be opening Desktop from the shortcut. Login with a user who has the permission. Then open the file again.


Best Regards!


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Hi @v-jiascu-msft


Thanks for your quick answer and actions!

I will use the workaround for now.







Hi Michael,


This issue will be fixed in the release December 2017 of Desktop.


Best Regards,


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This is great news Dale!