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Power BI Service as a data source - Sharing broken

sharing was working prior to last service update


1. created Power BI data model (A)

2. published A

3. created Power BI report (B) using A as a data source (Power BI Service)

4. published B

5. created dashboard (D) pointing to report B

5. shared dashboard D

6. dashboard D shows errors on all tiles:


Tile Error(s)
There are currently 24 error(s) on your dashboard. Please check below for more information. If you contact support, please provide the technical details.
Error on 24 tile(s)
Looks like the report no longer exists.
I can create a content pack w/ the data and it works fine.
Status: Accepted

Hi @PowerDAX,


The issue has been reported internally: CRI 36903832. Will update here once get feedback.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Status changed to: Accepted

any update?


Hi @PowerDAX,


Sorry for the late response. The information from PG is "The fix is expected to be deployed to PROD as part of 5.4 train (end of May). ". The issue should be gone now. Please test again in your environment. If issue persists, please feel free to let me know.


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu



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Hi everybody


I still have exactly the same issue.


If I share a Dashboard linked to a report with source of data as Power BI Service, to the people that i share appears the same error.


Any clue?


Many thanks


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Hi @zenodidone - try removing your share and re-sharing again - seems to have resolved my issues.

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HI @PowerDAX many thanks for your feedback. Seams that when i push the button on the top update dashboard, sometime works. But as soon as the user log out, when he login again the issue raise again....


So for me the problem still open


many thanks!

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Experiencing this exact issue currently. Can't share a newly requested report to business users because it was built on Power BI Service as data source. A tremendous amount of time went into building the report. Please give us a solution besides a complete rebuild.