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Power BI Service Updating App Issue: "Failure to Publish"

This error occurs more often than not when Updating my App from the App workspace. 



App Failure Message.PNG


Very Frustrating. Thanks. 




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I'm getting a similar problem too. Publishing some apps works but an app which was updating happily now won't. I'm getting a similar error.

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Ditto - would be great to know if there is a solution. Problem persists even if I unpublish the app - I then can't republish it.

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Hi All,


I just tried several times but could always republish the app. If issue persists, could you please collect fiddler traces when performing the repro steps and provide to me?


fiddler option.jpg


Best Regards,

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Please provide feedback on if this is what you were looking for, or if more information is needed. 

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We need the saved .saz file but not just the screenshot.


Best Regards,

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Hi All,


Please check that when you create a new workspace, do you have any group image defined? If yes, please try to remove it, or try a smaller (<33KB as they mentioned) JPG or PNG. Note, it may take some time to reflect the O365 group image change in Power BI. So ideally change to a different picture with smaller size and you will be able to figure out once the group image update is completed.


The fix will be in production in 1 to 2 weeks and once it is deployed, we can use big group images.


Best Regards,


Is this fixed yet as I am having the exact same issue....

I could publish this AM and an hour or two later I could not... has been like this all day now 😞

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I´m getting the same problem.

What ´s going on with this... i´ve tryed to resise the Image in APP.

Did not work.


I´m having this problem las 10 days.

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