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Power BI Service Filter vs Desktop (CSS bug?)



Since the last week, i have noticed that the hehavior (css Style) of my filters on power bi service has changed. 

The problem is illustrated in the image below : 

Power BI filter Bug.png


In PBDesktop, the selected item in my filter is in black. I had the same behavior on Power BI Service but, since the last week the back-ground color of the selection has disappeared.  


I remeber i had the same issue last year. 




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Just to confirm, I have the same issue. Is there any ticket created for that?

Can you please let me know where to report official ticket to MS? Thank you.




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Yep Just checked and I am facing the same issue when publishing to the Service


Power BI desktop reacts differently to the service on horizontal slicer.


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+ 1 from me - exact same issue and also had it around May of 2017. 


@ksabi @vpray @KarlCullimore @maciej_kuczko,

I have consulted this issue internally. Will post back once I get any updates.


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Same issue for us on the horizontal slicer is making dashboards unusable.

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Any updates, anyone ?

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We see the same issue.  There is no way to tell what was selected.

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We are experiencing same issue and its impacting our multiple reports. Can we get estimated time for

the fix ?



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I am having the same issue, does anyone have any update? Please let me know, it is really important.


In the morning I was looking at my Power Bi published in Service and detected that the slicer was not highlighted as usual to indicate that it is selected. In Power Bi Desktop everything is ok.





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+1 for the issue


Symptom is exactly as Kabi screenshots.  Filter selections are not highlighted when clicked.  The symptom is exclusively within service as the same PBIX when downloaded into deskop does not have any issues.


not a show stopper but a real annoyance to users.