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Power BI Service False Alert



I have a Power BI Dashboard that has some KPI tiles. I have data alerts set for those tiles, they are set to alert only once an hour (This is a daily report, but I have found that if I schedule it to only alert once a day that sometimes it will not fire off. I am assuming this is because refreshes are only guerenteed within 15 minutes of when they are scheduled, and if one day is 15 minutes late and the next is 15 minutes early, they are technically in the same 24 hour period and the alert does not trigger). 

Yesterday, the alert triggered at the correct time like it is supposed to: when the data is refreshed. For some reason, 12 hours later it once again triggered. There was no data refresh 12 hours later, I checked the refresh history. This is a serious problem because the alert is tied to Microsoft Flow so it triggered many more unwanted actions. Has anyone else seen a case of an alert falsely firing? Even when no data is refreshed? 

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Hi @compscinj,


For this issue, I would suggest you create a support ticket to analyze the issue. 


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Qiuyun Yu 

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