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Power BI Service Down in Australia

Hi Support,


We're currently experiencing issues with accessing Power BI service from Australia.

Upon signing in the screen just loads with the logo in the centre flashing indefinitely.

Can this be resolved asap? And can the service status page be reflective of this?




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We're experiencing the same problem.


Seems we can access the service via Android App and Power BI desktop is accessing data fine.




We're down in Western US too

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We are also having issues in Australia, PowerBi web page will load and sign in but then just sits there with a flashing powerbi logo in the middle of the screen indefinitely.


I hope this gets resolved soon.

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Can confirm we are impacted also. Customer tenant and our own tenant, seems to be power bi service issue across all customers.


Can confirm that both in NZ and Australia users are impacted and not able to login in PowerBI.

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We have same issue in Sydney, AU.

The webiste is down but mobile app works.


Can confirm from Melbourne, Australia - Power BI is accessible through mobile Android Power BI App, but not through browser.


Service Outage/Degradation status on the Power BI status page has been changed to "Power BI customers may experience issues accessing Power BI. Engineers are investigating the issue." so hopefully this will be resolved soon.





Confirm Australia down via web, iOS app seems to be fine.

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Service has been down for me for about an hour. I cannot even open any pbix files where the datasource is an another pbix dataset. No one in the company can access Power BI Service.


Hoping this issue can be solved very soon....