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Power BI Scheduled Refresh Issue

Hi Power BI Support team,

I have some issues with the Power BI scheduled refresh, please see the detail as below:

  • I have developed a Power BI report with data sourcing in the SQL database. I have set up the report scheduled refresh and it was working fine previously. However, the scheduled refresh keep failing now.
  • The error message is: "You have reached the maximum allowable memory allocation for your tier. Consider upgrading to a tier with more available memory."
  • When I refreshed it (On-demand), the refresh is working fine.
  • I am wondering what is the issue causing it?
  • How can we check the maximum memory?
  • The Power BI license we are using is Power BI Premium EM1
Status: New
Community Support

@emili ,


What's the size of the dataset? Please check if the dataset is too large and the remaining space couldn't contains the dataset.



Jimmy Tao

Regular Visitor
@v-yuta-msft Hi Jummy, I just in the Admin portal, it shows the memory usage of the datasets is 1.7GB of 3 GB. Regards, Emily