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Power BI Report Usage Metrics blank, O356 Audit Logs show activity



I have recently published a new version of an existing report in a "classic" workspace.  The old version of the report had usage metrics working fine.  The new version has been showing "blank" for over a week.  O365 audit logs show activity under "Viewed Power BI Report" for a number of users, as expected.


Is there another outage of usage metrics?  Is there a way to look into this further?


Status: New

Hi @Sohrab,


There are some limitations when using usage metrics, please go through this article firstly:


In your scenario, please check which type of data no display in usage metrics report. Is it from mobile client or Power BI service? Which period data you mean is 'losing'? Please share some screenshots about your usage metrics report and Audit log. 


Also please share below information with us: 


1. Issued usage metrics report URL

2. Dashboard or report URL which is tracked by usage metrics report

3. Tenant ID and Power BI cluster.


You can send these information to me via private message. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu