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Power BI Report Server connection to PowerBIGov

I am the Power BI admin for a government agency. We are running Power BI Report Server (on-prem) and we also have licensees to the PowerBIGov Power BI Service in the cloud. After a paginated report renders in our PBIRS, a feature appears in the tool bar that allows the user to pin the paginated report to a dashboard in the Power BI Service. When attempting to use this feature, PBIRS automatically logs into the commercial Power BI Service rather than allowing the user to choose between the commercial or government Power BI Service. Users see this feature button and want to use it. When they attempt to use it, they are signed into a commercial account momentarily while the report is pinned to that site, then an error message pops up indicating they are not allowed to login because they work for a government entity. We need a way to change the default login location in PBIRS so that we can pin reports to our PowerBIGov cloud workspaces. As it stands, there are numerous reports from our government organization pined to commercial accounts that we cannot access. At the very least please provide a way for us to block this feature so users are no longer posting potentially sensitive reports to an account they cannot control.

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Hi @cbrown ,


Are those users have Power BI Pro license?


Please be aware of that Power BI US Government is only available as a Pro license. Any references to Power BI (Free) licenses in an admin portal (or as users) are running in a commercial Power BI service cloud. And some features available in Power BI US Government customers apply to Pro license only.

Reference: Power BI for US Government customers


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Yuliana Gu

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Hi Yuliana and thank you for the reply.  Yes, our users have Power BI Pro licenses in the Government Tenant.  I already understand what you explained about the differences in the licenses.  That difference between the Government tenant and the Commercial tenant is at the center of the issue I'm having.  We have a Government tenant AND an on-premisis Power BI Report Server.  The issue is that our PBIRS is reaching our to the commercial tenant rather than our Government tenant.