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Power BI Report Server - Not able to upload (overwrite) existing Excel File



we are using the Power BI Report Server (May 2020).

We have saved some Excel-Files on Power BI Report Server (Upload).

We are able to upload the Excel-File but we are not able to overwrite the existing Excel-File.

When we want to upload the same Excel-File again we are asked whether the existing file should be overwritten.

If we click "overwrite" an error message occures ("Internal error on Reportserver").

In the Logfie I can find the following message:

"System.InvalidOperationException: Das Objekt mit Nullwert muss einen Wert haben..|" (Nullable Object must have a value)


Is this a bug in PBIRS version May 2020 (15.0.1103.234)?  


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Similar issue has been reported: CRI 197483980. It should be fixed in next PBIRS release (Sept/Oct).