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Power BI Report Server Log Files

Dear Microsoft Team,


I've expected a strange behaviour of log file creation within Power BI Report Server Log-Folder.

During patchday some reboots were performed and Report Server creates after each reboot at least two RSPortal_*** log file.


As you can see from screenshot and log's name when it's created. Always two logs are created but only one is going to be filled with logh entries and lastwritetime will be changed.

But the log which isn't filled it blocked by RSporal.exe which is think may cause the issue.

Try to change name will cause a warning:



But I can rename log which is currently be filled with log entries whichout any problem.


When I rename file, it will go ahead any create a new log file as you can see from screenshot as well over yellow marked one.


I can adjust this iussue at Power Server Versions 15.0.1102.371 and 15.0.1102.646.


Therefore I'm analyzing log files for issues it would be great to get this fixed, as well as when file is blocked I can't archive it and hosting service will get issues like this:


Therefore hoisting log is going to be filled up with issues and mess up analysis.


Don't hesitate to contact me for more details.


Many thanks


Status: New
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