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Power BI Report Server 2019 : Refresh button doesn't work after a delay



After an upgrade form May 2019 to Sept 2019 version of PBIRS (we have installed the last build of today October 10, 2019), we encountered a change behavior related to the refresh button of Power BI Toolbar.
We have a PBI Report which is displayed on a monitoring screen with an automatic refresh who use the same behavior as the Refresh Button of PBI Toolbar. Since the upgrade the refresh button or the automatic refresh executed through C# code who reproduce the same functionality doesn't work anymore.
The PBI Report use Data Refreshed by a schedule (every 15 minutes) but when display report in a browser (same behavior in IE, Edge, FF) and click on Refresh Button, It works for the first Data Refresh (15 minutes or less after WebPage are loaded and displayed in the browser) but impossible to display the correct Data after that unless we reload entirely the page in the browser (F5 or Control F5).

We have reproduced this bug several times and it's a blocker for us to go in production.
Please advise as soon as possible.
Best Regards,

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The issue is hectic, please fix it asap !


Hi all, 


Please create a support ticket to get help. 


Support Ticket.gif


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu


Hello,  this bug still persist even on the latest update October 25, 2019 release.  I hope this gets fix soon.