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Power BI Report - Grey Bar Issue

Hi all,


When publishing Power BI reports to the Power BI service I have noticed a grey bar appearing at the top of the report (example below). This doesn't seem to do anything and takes up about 10% of the screen space. I have tried multiple approaches to remove this (e.g. different views and page sizes) but cannot get rid of it.


Is anyone aware of a way to remove this?





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I cannot reproduce the issue. You may check Supported browsers and clear cache.

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Thanks for your response @v-chuncz-msft .


I have tried accessing the Power BI service with both Microsoft Edge and Chrome and also cleared the cache and the problem persists. Are you aware of anything else I can try to fix this?


Another user has also identified this issue here.


Thanks for any help!!

Community Support



You may check it again later this month.