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[Power BI Report Builder] Special characters in the automatically generated parameter name

Special characters in the automatically generated parameter name not transformed throughout.


The column "Monatskürzel im Jahr" was used as a parameter for the dataset and the query was also executed in the query designer.



The Power BI Report Builder has generated "DatumMonatskFCrzelimJahr" as an internal parameter name, where "FC" stands for the Unicode code position for the "ü".



This is not a problem in the first step, because this internal parameter name is also passed on to the dataset in the same way.



But unfortunately, the parameter with the "ü" is then expected in the generated DAX query. If you change the parameter "@DatumMonatskürzzelimJahr" to "@DatumMonatskFCrzelimJahr" in the query, the report is executed as desired in the Power BI Report Builder, otherwise you wait in vain for a result.


Status: New
Community Support


Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the same issue as yours.

If you want to explain this error to the technical support of Microsoft through Teams or phone call it’s as soon as possible, I suggest you to open a support ticket to get direct help from the technical support team of Microsoft to check if it’s an issue existing in the Power BI.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin