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Power BI Real Time Streaming Issue

We connected Azure Streaming Analytics and set Power BI as an output which created the endpoint automatically in Power BI. We then started testing and created real time tiles to reflect the data begin passed into the streaming dataset. There was considerable lag in the data updating from the real time tile; looking into it real time streaming datasets should not be storing historical data which *should* make all the data run in memory and therefore the tiles handle the data in memory and dispose when done...


We are building a real time dashboard so we do not need historical data espeically if it impacts the responsiveness of the real time tiles so we disabled historical data on the datasets. However, now the real time tiles show NO data whatsoever and will not register as having any input. 


I have verified that the data is being properly pushed to Power BI from Streaming Analytics.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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Did you get any error message after disable historical data on the dataset? You can check both in dataset and dashboard page. And if you re-enable historical data, will real time tiles display data again?


Could you please provide the screenshot for the real time tiles with no data? It is also better to start to collect fiddler traces when you perform the repro steps (disable historical data and then view the tiles), then share the .saz file through online file service like OneDrive.


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We did not get any error messages after disabling the historical data; there were even some instances where after disabling the historical data, realtime tiles that were created against the data BEFORE doing so continued to work for a time but also eventually failed. 


We also attempted to reenable historical data but to no avail, in fact the entire Power BI interface became unresponsive to any data within the data sets. The only way to correct this was to completely destroy the data sets, and therefore any dashboards or reports, and have the data be automatically recreted again from Asure Stream Analytics. 


Eventually repeating this process to try to get real time tiles more responsive resulted in the entire Power BI interface to become completely unresponsive where it would not recognize any new data sets; the system seemed to freeze in a state of trying to setup the data sets but would never actually succeed... after that we stopped trying. 


We were looking for real time dashboard analytics provided by stream analytics but between the numerous issues we have encountered, the lag or unresponsiveness of the real time tiles, and the issues with the data sets we are now investigating an in house solution. 




Could you please provide the screenshot for the real time tiles with no data? And collect fiddler traces when you perform the repro steps (one for historical data enabled and then view the tiles; one for historical data disabled and then view the tiles). You can share the .saz file through online file service like OneDrive.




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I am facing the same exact issue ..Is it got solved ?